DJ Irma

Samstag, August 25, 2018 – 20:00

Milonga mit Dj Irma

20:00 – 21:00

21:00 – 00:30
* – Senioren/Studenten

Irma’s connection to Tango is strong… Her background as a musician with classical formation influences her work with Tango – She has been the first violin of Tango-Orquesta “Silencio” for many years, she is a Tango DJ for 18 years and runs her own Milonga in Basel. Living partly in Switzerland and partly in Argentina for many years, her selection of music is strongly influenced by what is being played at the moment at the Milongas of Buenos Aires – adapting to European needs and preferences. Her concept is to carefully choose the music according to the feel of each event and she composes her Tandas in the moment, adapting the style to suit the audience. Beside all this, Irma is a Milonguera, a musician of Argentinian Tango and Folklore, and she has her own brand of Argentinian Tango shoes MUNAY. Irma organises two Encuentro Milongueros in Basel, „Tres Besos“ and „Bomboncito“.