Milongas every Friday and Saturday

Milongas take place every Friday and Saturday throughout the year. Our establishment is open all year round.

Times: 9:00 pm – 12:30 am
Admission: CHF 15.-/CHF 10.-*
* students/seniors


Tango courses before milongas

Before Milongas on Friday and Saturday, we occasionally offer tango courses. Walk-ins are welcome.

Friday Foundation Class: Build a confident tango experience. Flow with the music. Transform steps into dancing. Followed by a Practilonga (a practica in a Milonga atmosphere).

Saturday Intensive Class: Quality. Detail. And Awareness. An advanced look at tango fundamentals. Followed by a Milonga with visiting DJs.

Times: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Admission: CHF 10.-/CHF 5.-*
* students/seniors
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